2023 Christmas Top-up for Double - Offline event @Dec.23 - Dec. 25

Time : 2023-12-22 22:22

Merry Christmas!!!! Another Christmas again~ cheeky


This offline event will lasting 3 days from 23rd to 25th.


Rules: First Top-up for Double each day. (Means if you top up 4000 gold for the first order of 24th, we will top up another 4000 Gold for you)


Contact GHOST (account on discrod: ghost.sh) to register the offline event in the following format:

Character name: GHOST

Server: EU s888

Date & Amount: 24th, 4000 Gold


Enjoy the game, Merry Christmas again~~~~ Love you, guys.

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Next Launch Time: 2024-07-22 00:00 GMT-5