Server Opening Event Update (Permanent) on 22/05/2024

Time : 2024-05-22 04:17

Choose a new server to start your new adventure now!!!

There are two offline events for the new servers that you can participate: 

1. Pick heroes that you like
Within the first 7 days of Server Grand Opening, you can claim one for each 2000 gold top-up.

Claim one of the following items for each of the first 4 2000-gold top-up
- True-Shikai Ichigo
- Bankai Urahara
- Bazz-B
- Zangetsu Katen Ky┼Źkotsu


Claim Shin Daiguren Toshiro for the 5th 2000-gold top-up
- Shin Daiguren Toshiro


Claim Askin for the 6th 2000-gold top-up
- Askin
For example: If you top up 12000 gold in total, you can have all 6 items.


2. Gold Rebate

Total top up 2000 Gold to earn extra 30% rebate: 600 Gold
Total top up 4000 Gold to earn extra 40% rebate: 1600 Gold
Total top up 8000 Gold to earn extra 60% rebate: 4800 Gold
Total top up 16000 Gold to earn extra 80% rebate: 12800 Gold
Total top up 32000 Gold to earn extra 100% rebate: 32000 Gold
Total top up 64000 Gold to earn extra 120% rebate: 76800 Gold

1. The new offline event starts from US S869, EU S968, FR S686, DE S565, ES S565
2. This is a permanent event, to all new players please register to claim your prize if you met the requirement.
3. Registration Format:
In-Game Name: Bleach
Server: EU/US S733
Top-Up Amount: 4000 Gold
Prize: Bankai Urahara, True-Shikai Ichigo
4. Register Method
Discord:, message GHOST to apply.

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Next Launch Time: 2024-06-24 00:00 GMT-5