Special offline event for Dragon Boat Festival - 6/7/2024

Time : 2024-06-06 22:42

Hello everyone!


Dragon Boat Festival is coming, so we are hosting another special offline event on GoGames. This one is really easy to get. BIG SALES!!! Don't miss!!!


Happy Dragon Boat Festival in advance!!!


From [Jun 7-8th,2024] You will get 1200 Spirit Essence for every 200 Gold Top-Up.

From [Jun 9-10th,2024] You will get 1000 Asauchi for every 200 Gold Top-Up.

From [Jun 11-12nd,2024] You will get 200 Exclusive Fragments for every 200 Gold Top-Up.


This event will end in Jun 12nd, 2024 23:59hrs according to GoGames server time. Please respect the timing, if you top up too early or too late, it will not count.


Contact GHOST (ghost.sh) on discord or Support@gogames.me to register.


Cheers, GoGames Support Team 

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Next Launch Time: 2024-06-24 00:00 GMT-5