Single Top-Up Ultimate Gift

Time : 2019-10-12 03:42

Single Top-Up Ultimate Gift

Event Time:  13th Oct 2019 00:00 - 20th Oct 2019 23:59

Event Rules:

1. Once daily Single Top-Up reached designated amount, you can register for the prizes.

2. You can only register once a day.

3. If there are multiple Top-Up, you can only register for one prize. You cannot change after your registration.

4. Reply to the thread to register. Please use the following format:

In-game Name: Bleach

Server: US/EU 123

Amount: 2000 Gold

Date: Oct 14

5. After registered, the prize will be sent via in-game mail. Please be aware when you check your in-game mail.


Bleach Online Operating Team

Oct 12

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