Offline event for Chirastma and New year!!!

Time : 2022-12-15 23:10

Dear player, 


Happy another new 2023 Chirstmas and New year, thanks for your company in the last years, and hope all of you can keep safe and happy in the next 2023. 


Below are the details:


Event Time: 17.12.2022 - 07.01.2023


1. It's a permenant event, when your single top-up reaches certain amount, then you can choose one of rewards from the coresponding tier.

2. No limit for the collection times, as long as you reach the amount, then you will be awarded

3. You need to register to claim the rewards, the format as follows:
server:US 700
Tier:20000 gold

4. Contact GHOST#9450 on discord or to register.

5. For all versions on GoGames(DE, FR, ES, US, EU)



Bleach Online Team


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Next Launch Time: 2024-04-18 17:00 GMT-5